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Stormy Waters 2023 Preview

Stormy Waters is just around the corner, so what better time to remind ourselves of the huge card that is waiting for us on August 5th? In this article, I run down everything you need to know ahead of this game-changing show alongside some cheeky predictions. Be sure to let me know if you disagree with my predictions and don’t forget to buy your tickets while you still can to find out who’s right!

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Brian Aidenson vs Ginha

Brian Aidenson said he would defeat any “man, woman or dog” at Stormy Waters, brimming with confidence after his successful debut at Mutiny. He faced Nate Reece and Lucas Neon in a triple threat match and entered the ring at just the right time to steal the victory from Reece. This wasn’t the most sportsmanlike tactic but it was undoubtedly effective, showing his ring smarts and opportunistic nature which Ginha will have to look out for if he is to make an impact in his own OPW debut.

This masked wrestler has made a name for himself across the North West as a daredevil with no fear and might have to pull moves from deep in his arsenal if he is to beat the determined Aidenson. I can’t wait for this clash of styles and if I had to choose a winner, I’d reluctantly say Aidenson, purely because he has momentum on his side.


Will Carter vs Isaac North

As Isaiah Quinn attempts to prevent the cracks from showing in his New Freakshow, Will Carter is on a mission to smash it apart. He has already toppled Nightmare and Sheriff Steele in impressive fashion and now one man remains.

Isaac North is perhaps his biggest challenge yet. These two have never met in the ring and the only time they have interacted was Isaac aggressively beating the life out of Will at the orders of Isaiah.

However, after Nightmare was reluctant to attack Carter at the last show, and Carter had ominous words for Nightmare backstage, is Quinn starting to lose control? I think this background of discord and Carter’s boundless energy spell a defeat for North in his first OPW match.


Alexander Grey vs Lance Revera (with Logan)

Alexander Grey, alongside Toby Valentine, has been keeping tabs on Lance Revera ever since War on the Shore, where they stood up for Simon Hill who had been taunted for months by him. Sneaky tactics meant that Revera got the victory. Fans may also remember all the way back at the Overboard rumble when Logan disguised himself as a referee to save Revera from elimination, resulting in Valentine being eliminated. However, Logan wasn’t able to beat Valentine at Mutiny.

There’s history and bad blood here, then, and Grey is looking to shut Revera up for good. However, with Valentine training overseas, he finds himself outnumbered and might struggle to topple the aggressive nature of Logan combined with the smarts of Revera, even with the undying support of the fans behind him.


Rick Markus vs Sam Bailey

Rick Markus says he’s at the point in his career where it’s all or nothing. He is trying to work his way up the ladder in OPW to win the championship and the next match he loses will be his last. After defeating Craig Kollins and Nightmare, he’s on a roll, but the huge amount of pressure he’s put himself under will undoubtedly make this a steep mountain to climb.

On the other hand, Sam Bailey is perhaps still reeling from being defeated by his ‘student’ Rob Drake at War on the Shore. Ending the career of Rick Markus would be an emphatic way to work his way to the top of OPW and he has already asserted that he won’t go easy on Rick. These two experienced veterans are sure to put on a barn burner of a match that’s hard to call, but I think Markus’s intensity will give him the edge.


Ryan Hunter and Andre Dekker vs Rob Drake and Nate Reece

Nate Reece was supposed to be joined by Lucas Neon in this bout, but after it was announced that Neon was unable to make it, Reece found one hell of a replacement in the form of Rob Drake. Rob enters this match off a huge victory against HT Drake, and although these two aren’t a seasoned team, they both bring unique strengths to the table.

Ryan Hunter and Dekker may find it hard to focus in this match without Brooker by their side, the pressure mounting on them to get the Spotlight back on track. Both men have a track record of being brutal inside the ring, but I think the energy of Reece and Drake will be too much for them on the night.


Sinergy vs Viral Connection (OPW Tag Team Championships)

After Viral Connection called Sinergy “VC from”, these two teams have engaged in a battle of words for months. Finally, Stormy Waters sees them come face to face inside the ring. This is sure to be a tag team battle for the ages with the ‘Meat Wagon’ Sinergy looking to continue their tirade atop OPW’s tag division as the Tag Team Champions and VC aiming to translate their online presence into in-ring presence.

It would be an upset to have new tag team champions and I think Morecambe might riot if it happens, but Sinergy shouldn't underestimate VC who have had their fair share of success in the South West. I don’t know what to expect from VC because I’ve never seen them in the ring before, but I do know for certain that Sinergy’s strong-style double-teaming will be difficult to beat.


Leah Raven vs Lily Winter (with special guest referee Jennie B)

Lily Winter made a big statement in her first-ever appearance in Odyssey at Mutiny, waiting until she had gained Leah Raven’s trust to launch a heinous attack. In this match, Raven is not just looking for revenge but also to climb the ladder towards the OPW Women’s Championship, so this is a high-stakes battle.

Tensions will be made even higher by Jennie B’s appearance as special guest referee, finding herself stuck between two women who want to snatch the title away from her grasp. Will she be a fair and just ref or will she use this opportunity to cause mayhem?

This is going to be far from a straight and narrow match, with two highly skilled athletes meeting in a personal fight, but I think Raven’s grit will see her fighting against the odds to achieve the victory.


Sam Gradwell vs R.P. Davies (OPW Championship)

RPD is riding high at the moment, as the OPW Champion who has just ended the reign of terror of the Spotlight. However, it could all come crashing down when he finds himself across the ring from Sam Gradwell, a returning face in Morecambe who has made it very clear that he is not here to make friends.

He may have a history of wrestling in Morecambe, but never managed to capture the championship, making this match his golden opportunity to reclaim his territory. This makes Gradwell incredibly dangerous and a force to be reckoned with, perhaps RPD’s toughest challenge yet. However, with the support of Morecambe firmly behind him and realms of momentum, knowledge and skill, I think this is RPD’s night for the taking.

Grab your tickets now to ensure you don’t miss out on all of these bouts and all of the drama that is sure to unfold!

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