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War on the Shore 2024 Results - Odyssey Pro Wrestling

This was Odyssey’s biggest show to date and the drama didn’t stop from start to finish. Stories and rivalries that span all the way to the very first Odyssey show culminated here, and new ones that will certainly go down in the history books of Morecambe began.

I was lucky enough to have one of the best views of all the action, being behind the commentary desk. I have described it as 'f****** insane' on social media - but what exactly happened? I'll run down all the results you need to know as best I can here.

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Anderson Daniels vs Jack Roberts (with special guest referee Troy Ryan)

It seemed like the Meat Wagon could implode in this match. Beforehand, Anderson Daniels had lamented that he wasn't sure if he could trust Troy Ryan, who was in the middle of his former teammates as special guest referee. Jack Roberts had been trying to get in the head of Troy Ryan and get him to leave Daniels behind, and the fans were worried that this would come to a head in this match.

However, he did a good job of calling it down the middle throughout, despite being visibly distressed at the pain inflicted by both men. 

The turning point was when Roberts tactically moved so that Daniels dropkicked Ryan, sending him toppling. Roberts took this opportunity to low-blow Daniels and, once he got up, extend the hand to Ryan. The fans were gutted when it seemed like Roberts’ plan had worked, as he and Ryan embraced. 

He allowed Roberts to bask in the glory of a surely imminent victory, but when his back was turned, he rallied Anderson to his feet. He then got Roberts on his shoulders as if to celebrate, but he was instead met with a brutal Steineriser, securing the victory for Daniels. The fans were delighted to see the Meat Wagon back together in full form. 


Leah Raven vs Lucy Sky (OPW Women’s Championship)

Lucy Sky kicked off this match with the same intensity that she showed during her video where she called out Leah Raven. She didn’t even let Raven finish her entrance before the attack began, pummelling her outside the ring.

It was a very physical battle throughout with the OPW Women’s Championship looking like it was in danger of being lost to someone who had called Morecambe ‘stinky’.

Leah Raven showed the same resilience that has characterised her championship reign so far and refused to give up, but it looked like it was over when Lucy Sky hit a swinging neckbreaker. But, when she went for the cover, she pulled Raven up as if to say that she wasn’t finished inflicting damage. 

This proved to be a fatal error. Leah Raven, spurred by the amazing energy of the fans, fought back and was able to hit the Rebellion for the win to a huge reaction. 


Reece and Rogan vs Act 2 vs Lucas Neon and Nate Reece vs The Freakshow (OPW Tag Team Championships)

This was a chaotic match. It was a fatal four-way elimination, fought under tornado tag rules. 

The less seasoned tag team of the four, Neon and Reece, suffered from their inexperience which ultimately resulted in them being the team first eliminated. 

The action continued and it was nonstop. Act 2 had yet another impressive showing and this time managed to finish what they started with Reece and Rogan at Overboard by eliminating them with Bowling for Soups. Shockingly, with the tag team champions now eliminated, we had guaranteed new champs. 

It should have been Act 2 picking up that accolade if not for Nightmare pulling the referee out of the ring at the exact right moment, protecting Sheriff Steele and Isaac North from losing the match. He was thrown out, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Freakshow from using their strength and size for the win, crowning brand new tag team champions. 


Ryan Hunter vs Andre Dekker

This was one of the most personal battles we have seen in Odyssey, having been building since Dekker was unceremoniously kicked out of the Spotlight. These two are former best friends but it all fell apart at the hands of Chris Brooker and this was the culmination of years of turmoil. 

At one point, the referee was down and Hunter grabbed a steel chair, but Dekker reversed Hunter’s attacks to his own advantage. However, the referee’s count was too slow to hand him the victory.

Hunter then turned the violence up a notch, unleashing his package piledriver on Dekker who somehow kicked out much to Hunter’s frustration. It was surely over when he hit a second one, but Dekker refused to die. Digging deep, he eventually hit two Pedigrees for the hard-fought victory. 

His pure grit and refusal to give up was undeniable - even by Hunter himself, who shook and raised his hand. By this point, Reece and Rogan were on the stage, and they were furious with Hunter for showing Dekker respect and demanded that he join them in the ring to beat him down.

He went into the ring - not to join in the attack but to help Dekker, hitting a Hunter’s Arrow to protect him. We had finally come full circle from 2 years ago when he turned to the dark side. 


Will Carter vs Nightmare (Hair vs hair)

It was brilliant to see these two go at it, as former tag team partners who know each other so well. It was all the more personal with their hair, which forms a big part of both their identities, on the line.  

This was as high-flying as you would expect, with both men pulling all of their tricks out of their sleeve and more. With Isaac North and Sheriff Steele lurking at ringside, it was an uphill battle for Will Carter, but he’s proven time and time again that he can put up a fight against the numbers game. 

Not even an ominous video from Overboard rumble contract holder Isaiah Quinn could throw him off his game for long. He kept his wits about him, and when Nightmare went for a massive crossbody, Carter used his momentum against him and rolled through into a winning pin. The “We Love Will” brigade was in full force. 

Of course, the Freakshow took it upon themselves to try and stop Nightmare from losing his signature ponytail, beating down on Carter after the bell had rung. But, the Meat Wagon then appeared to even the numbers game and ensure that Will Carter was the one donning the scissors. Hair was scattered all over the ring as Carter and Meat Wagon stood tall, before challenging the Freakshow to a 3 on 3 match at Mutiny on June 1st. 


Rob Drake vs Alexander Grey vs Craig Kollins vs Lance Revera

There was plenty of bitterness between these four behemoths, with Drake having eliminated Kollins and Grey from the Overboard rumble simultaneously, who subsequently blamed each other. Not only this, but Drake had also gone after Revera for flirting with Lana Austin, resulting in Revera illegally re-entering the rumble to take out Drake. 

This story wasn’t over as Revera continued to try and chat up Lana here, again inviting the wrath of Drake. This ended up changing the course of the match, as Drake had his guard down having been distracted by Lance, only to be caught by the violent Craig Kollins who picked up the win. 


RPD vs Rick Markus (OPW Championship)

Title vs career. It all came down to this. For so long, Markus has been facing the best that OPW has to offer, saying that he wants the title or he’s going to retire. RPD said he deserved this chance but didn’t want him to put his career on the line. Rick didn’t take kindly to this, accusing RPD of thinking he was better than him. 

With this background of high tensions and even higher stakes, Markus again saw red when he thought RPD was ‘pitying’ him in this fight, who was clearly torn as he was slow to cover his best friend. While RPD was trying to make this a battle of respect, Markus wasn’t having it, slapping RPD across the face insultingly. 

The fans were torn too, muted in comparison to usual, as they wanted their hero RPD to retain but did not want Markus to retire. 

It was clear how well they knew each other as they used each other’s signatures, Markus unleashing a Superman Punch and RPD with a Spear, but it wasn’t enough. RPD nearly won it with a vicious Sharpshooter, but Rick would not give up. Not even a Superman Punch could do it, but when RPD lined Markus up for a second one, it was as if he knew this was it. 

He hit it, hesitated, but went for the cover. 1, 2, 3. RPD had retained his OPW Championship, but at the cost of his brother’s career. He was clearly gutted, and it was bittersweet for the fans too. 

Rick got on the mic and gave an emotional speech, saying that there’s no one he’d rather go out to than his best friend. “Born Ready is forever,” he said, and as the pair embraced, everyone in the building believed him. 

But then, another ominous video appeared on the screen. Who was it who had been taunting RPD for months? A hooded figure appeared, and he slowly revealed himself… Rick?! 

RPD was paralysed with shock, but as he slowly turned around to face his ‘brother’, he was met with a vicious spear. The man who just minutes earlier had shown RPD the ultimate respect was now beating down on him and screaming that it was because of the fans that this was happening. 

There were very real tears in the crowd as Markus brutalised RPD, taking a steel chair to target his neck in a career-ending attack. It took multiple members of the locker room and security to get Rick away. He didn’t leave without giving Ethan Edwards a mouthful too, telling him that he can ‘shove this company up your arse’. 

The atmosphere was one of rage and disbelief. Ethan Edwards reassured the fans that Markus is not part of the company and will never be at OPW again - but there was no healing the damage that had been done. 

RPD may have retained his championship, but the cost was far greater. 

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