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Mutiny 2023 Report - Odyssey Pro Wrestling

It all came down to this. The past two years of battles and tribulations all depended on this night. Who would end up on top? Who would be the undisputed GM of Odyssey Pro Wrestling? Would the tirade of The Spotlight continue? Read on to find out.

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RPD addresses the fans

Fittingly, RPD was the first to address the fans on this tense evening, letting them know that he is going to “do everything in my power to be the champion you deserve, a champion that fights for you”.

But, as ever, Chris Brooker had to have his voice heard, too. “This is not the way it’s supposed to go!” he cried, clearly still in disbelief that RPD had managed to topple his star Ryan Hunter at War on the Shore. “Take a picture, because this is a fever dream that’s about to end.”

RPD wasn’t silenced, vowing that “The time for talking is over” and that Team Edwards would put a firm end to The Spotlight in the main event.


HT Drake vs Rob Drake

Before that, though, we had several more high-stakes matches to get through, with this epic clash kicking off the night with tenacity. In his OPW debut, HT Drake was keen to prove that he deserved to be here and was not merely a replacement for Craig Kollins who is taking time to “reassess his future”.

Rob Drake, on the other hand, was looking to continue his momentum, having defeated his ‘mentor’ Sam Bailey at the last show. They both had a lot to prove, then, and were determined to show it with intense technical wrestling. HT was vocal with disdain towards the Morecambe fans while they cheered loudly for Rob as he built momentum with a series of shoulder tackles and a back body drop. HT cleverly retreated out of the ring to prevent any further damage but was fuming when Rob started a “chicken” chant.

Rob then grabbed him from inside the ring, looking to bring him back in, but HT was able to take advantage of this position and springboarded Rob’s neck against the ropes, turning the match in his direction.

HT showed off his brutal offence, and also spat water all over him, which was probably more infuriating than effective. This is perhaps what spurred Rob on to fight back with a pop-up powerbomb, but only for the 2 count. HT then nearly secured the win with a bridge German suplex, but it was Drake’s rapid spear out of nowhere that spelt victory for him, as he followed it up immediately with his finisher for three.


Rick Markus vs Nightmare

Rick Markus prefaced his open challenge by saying that he is climbing to the top of OPW, aiming for gold, or ending his in-ring career. With this brutal stipulation, it was Isaiah Quinn’s ‘New Freakshow’ that answered, with Quinn saying “What a privilege it is for me to be providing you with your last match.” Nightmare was revealed to be the competitor representing this dysfunctional (to say the least) family, “despite his loss to a certain… Will Carter” at War on the Shore, earning a cheer.

The masked man was all fired up to face the Cumbrian Outlaw and used interesting evasive tactics, hiding underneath the ring when thrown out by Markus. Markus went looking for him and was pulled under, with an almighty crack heard not long after. No one could see it or prove it, but as Rick emerged looking like he had been knocked out cold, it appeared as if Nightmare had hit him with a heavy weapon underneath the canvas, outside of the referee’s jurisdiction. Much to everyone’s relief, Markus managed to kick out but this unconventional yet effective tactic meant that Nightmare had gained the upper hand.

His use of morally questionable moves continued, raising his mask so that he could sink his teeth into Rick’s head and raking his back many times. Trying to regain control, Rick managed to catch Nightmare when he went for a crossbody, but Nightmare cleverly trapped Markus’s arm in a nasty submission, refusing to let up.

Nightmare also used his signature quick offence, leaping over a charging Rick and catching him with an elbow to the back of the head from the top rope, but it was Rick’s stamina and strength that meant he was able to keep kicking out and eventually turn the tide. After slamming Nightmare harshly to the mat and hitting a gigantic spear, Rick Markus secured the win and saved his career again.

Isaiah Quinn was clearly both disappointed and angry at Nightmare for another unsuccessful fight, despite his impressive performance.


Lucas Neon vs Nate Reece vs Brian Aidenson

This triple-threat saw Nate Reece return to OPW, boasting boundless energy as he made his way to the ring. With Neon looking to bounce back from a loss and Aidenson making his debut, this was an important match to establish the future of OPW.

Neon and Reece showed mutual respect by shaking hands as the bell rang, but Aidenson put a firm stop to this, kicking their hands apart and launching a brutal attack. In an attempt to shut him up, Reece and Neon unleashed some impressive double-team moves and got Aidenson out of the picture. This allowed them to go at it against each other, showcasing high levels of athleticism and skill. However, thanks to precise offence earlier in the match from Aidenson, Reece was suffering from an injured hand, meaning many of his punches failed to land.

When coming face to face with Aidenson again, Reece was encouraged to “do better than that” and answered the demand with fervour. However, Aidenson was smart enough to escape the ring and let Neon and Reece go back and forth again, with Neon nearly hitting his cutter for the win. Reece had it scouted, though, and was able to counter and follow up with a sliced bread. At the last possible second, Aidenson snook back in the ring and went for the cover himself, stealing the victory and the glory.


Leah Raven addresses the fans

Before the main event of the first half kicked off, Leah Raven wanted to talk to the fans and address her future. She said that she is coming for the OPW Women’s Championship, and will bring all of her MMA, boxing and wrestling skills to the table. She said that the raven signifies “rejuvenation, rebirth and regrowth, but they also signify back luck and bad omens. Jackie and Jennie B, that is exactly what that means for you!”

The fans certainly agreed with her but were silenced by unfamiliar music hitting. It was Lily Winter, arriving in OPW at an unexpected juncture. She said “I’m here to face the very best, and Leah Raven, I wanna face you. You say you will be OPW Women’s champion, and I believe you… I hope you’ll think of me when you’re defending that title. What do you say?”

She offered a hand to Raven who accepted. However, no one was expecting Lily to wait until Leah’s back was turned to launch an unforgiving attack. Cementing herself as a Morecambe enemy, Winter walked away looking confident and pleased with herself after this defining statement.


Jennie B vs Lana Austin - OPW Women’s Championship

With the OPW Women’s division in turmoil, it was time for the prestigious championship to be defended by the newly-crowned Jennie B, who found herself face to face with a Morecambe hero, Lana Austin. Returning to OPW, Austin was fresh-faced and ready to go with the support of the crowd firmly behind her.

Looking to put a stop to this was Jackie B, who kept threatening to kick her in the face, perhaps trying to throw her off her game. It didn’t seem to be working as Jennie was the one not ready to start the match, complaining to the ref that Lana had her fists closed. She then used this to shove Austin into the corner, but this just infuriated Austin who replicated the same action, asking Jennie how she liked it before hitting an impressive snap suplex.

With this momentum, Austin continued to show impressive feats of strength and agility, coming close to capturing the championship before Jackie grabbed her foot from the outside, preventing further damage. This allowed Jennie to hit a huge clothesline.

The fans may be accustomed to it by now, but they were still majorly frustrated to see Jackie using these types of tactics throughout. He grabbed the championship belt in plain view of the ref who took it off him, with the distraction meaning Jennie could smash Austin’s face against Jackie’s foot. Austin sent him flying to the floor at one point but it wasn’t enough to prevent Jennie from maintaining the upper hand.

Jennie was as gritty as ever and had Austin trapped in the corner while she unleashed a series of punches to her head. However, Lana powered through it and got Jennie up for a massive powerbomb. But before she could capitalise, Jackie had grabbed her foot meaning Jennie could recuperate and hit a nasty DDT for the win, retaining the OPW Women’s Championship. After a hard-hitting match that could have easily gone either way, it was Jennie’s mind games that yet again set her apart from the competition.


Will Carter vs Sheriff Steele

This gritty battle between two former teammates began with a flurry of fists from both men. Sheriff Steele was smart to use his greater size and strength to his advantage and slow down Carter’s pace by forcing him to the ground with a harsh clothesline. As Isaiah Quinn and the rest of his New Freakshow watched from the stage, Sheriff made a point of putting a firm stop to any of Carter's momentum, including throwing him into the ring post.

The pair battled around the Alhambra, in and out of the fans, and Steele was still man-handling Carter when they were back in the ring. However, being beaten up just seems to spur ‘The Unhinged One’ on, as he pulled energy from Steele’s punches and fought back with ones of his own, with the unrelenting chants of “We Love Will” certainly helping. He was able to bounce off the ropes and catch Steele with sharp knee strikes to the head.

However, clearly still bitter against the runaway of the Freakshow, Quinn distracted Carter by grabbing a mic and claiming “You have flown to close to the sun and now, you come floating back to earth, like the piece of crap that you are!”

But not willing to be manipulated by Quinn any longer, Carter echoed his past actions by screaming “No!” and launching a brutal attack on Sheriff Steele, claiming the emphatic victory for himself.

Before he could really have his “taste of freedom” (in the words of Quinn), though, Nightmare and Isaac North had taken him down. As he was down and out, Quinn grabbed Carter and demanded Nightmare to attack him. Intriguingly, Nightmare refused, and Quinn’s anger turned to rage. As this was going on, Carter got himself back on his feet and went to superkick Quinn, who moved just in time, leaving Nightmare on the receiving end. There appears to be more than just superficial damage to the Freakshow.


Logan vs Toby Valentine

Making his in-ring debut after cementing himself as a Lance Revera stan, Logan looked undeterred by the salty reception he received from the Morecambe fans, which was in sharp contrast to the adoration for Toby Valentine. Not one to back down from bullies, Valentine was keen to show Logan that he is not welcome here in OPW and make a statement about his own future in the company.

Starting out with a lock-up, these two meaty men seemed equally matched, unable to get each other down with shoulder tackles, resulting in Logan becoming frustrated. Valentine sportingly encouraged Logan to try again but he couldn’t manage it, so Valentine took him down with a heavy spine buster. Logan escaped the ring to try and recover and Valentine followed, but Logan was smart enough to send Valentine flying into the ring post.

Back inside the ring, Logan was then able to Irish whip ‘Farm Strong’ Valentine into the turnbuckle which literally rattled the entire ring and moved it a good few inches. Logan was aggressive and determined to dish out punishment throughout, but Valentine showed tenacity as he kept kicking out and fighting back. This, paired with his charisma which kept the fans firmly on his side, meant that Valentine could battle on and eventually hit a double leg slam for the win.


Team Brooker vs Team Edwards - Mutiny match for full GMship of OPW

The match where it was all on the line had finally come around. It was up to these wrestlers to decide the future of OPW.

In this Mutiny match, the bell would ring once all competitors had joined the match, who entered one by one. The two kicking it off were, poetically, RPD and Ryan Hunter. Their long history came to a head as they met each other with fists, their brawl spilling to the outside within seconds. As Brooker tried to spur him forwards, the fans chanted “Where’s your belt?” at Hunter. RPD took him down with a head scissors takedown at early doors, but it wasn’t long before the next member of the Spotlight was joining the match - Wrecking Ball Reece, who lived up to his nickname. RPD was willing to take them both on but there wasn’t much he could do as Reece attacked from behind with harsh strikes.

However, Troy Ryan was next to join the fray with trademark energy and strength. He powered RPD up to use him as a battering ram. Keeping Hunter quiet and managing to overpower Reece, Ryan was a force to reckon with until Reece’s tag team partner entered. Rogan was unforgiving from the moment he entered the ring, throwing RPD over his shoulder and taking out Troy Ryan. Then, Reece and Rogan tactically isolated RPD.

However, they couldn’t keep this up for too long as Jack Roberts was joining the match, who sent Reece and Hunter hurtling out of the ring before punishing Rogan with an atomic drop and a European uppercut.

The final member for the Spotlight was Dekker who went after Troy Ryan, catching him with a harsh knee strike. Before long there were bodies scattered all over the ring as the Spotlight dominated once again. This all changed when Ethan Edwards was finally unleashed, which occurred at the same moment that RPD took out everyone with a crossbody from the top rope.

With all 8 men finally in the ring, an epic brawl erupted. Bodies were absolutely everywhere, with action spilling out of the ring. Hunter grabbed a steel chair and launched a brutal beatdown on RPD. It wasn’t long before weapon-fever reached Dekker who grabbed a kendo stick and used it to punish his longtime enemy Ethan Edwards, but Edwards was able to reverse and unload on him. However, he was stopped when he turned his attention to Rogan who countered. Hunter was quick to catch Ethan with a steel chair following this. Edwards fought back impressively, grounding Hunter with an unexpected power slam. Meanwhile, Sinergy and Reece and Rogan were brawling by the bar.

Ethan seemed to have secured the victory for his team when Brooker pulled the referee out. James Greenwood was fuming at Brooker but could do nothing to stop him from low-blowing Edwards.

Amongst the chaos, the competitors eventually made their way back to the ring with Troy Ryan assisting RPD with a huge Superman Punch to Hunter from the top rope. RPD decided not to go for the pin as he wanted to end it emphatically, and at the demands of the crowd, a table emerged. However, Hunter moved at the exact right moment meaning that RPD sent Troy Ryan through it instead. It seemed to be the end when Hunter spiked RPD with his piledriver, but RPD fought through the pain and somehow kicked out.

Reece and Rogan took advantage and hit the 3D at this point, but Jack Roberts launched into the ring to break the pin. The Sinergiser was next, but Dekker prevented the win. The action was thick and fast with Edwards suddenly emerging to spear Dekker into next week.

With most of the Spotlight reeling on the outside, Troy Ryan got RPD above his head and launched him into them all, taking them all out effectively. However, back in the ring, Hunter had revealed his secret weapon - knuckle dusters. He was ready to take out RPD but the seasoned fighter was ready for him, able to block the deadly strike. He then low-blowed Hunter, sending him reeling and dropping the brass knuckles. RPD picked them up and unleashed the harshest Superman Punch of all time on the poorly positioned Dekker. It was over.

Brooker could shout and scream all he wanted but there was no denying that the victory was with Team Edwards. The Spotlight walked away from him, leaving him in the deep end as Sinergy threw him in the ring. He tried to convince RPD to join him - telling him “it was always about you!” - and this appeared to have worked for a moment. RPD hugged Brooker (as many fans almost had a mental breakdown), but as soon as his back was turned, RPD’s fist met his face. Edwards relished in his newfound power and fired Brooker as he laid down and out on the mat.

And thus ends this dark chapter of OPW history.

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