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Panic Stations Report - Odyssey Pro Wrestling

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This highly-anticipated show exceeded everyone’s expectations. It was a packed house; we even had TV cameras in the house filming for Channel 5’s 22 Kids and Counting reality show about Morecambe family the Radfords. The atmosphere was fantastic and the stage was set for an absolute banger.

Want to catch up on all the action? Keep on reading!

P.S. Front row tickets for the next Odyssey Pro Wrestling show on December 2nd are already SOLD OUT! Be quick if you want to be there!


Craig Kollins vs RPD (OPW Championship)

This clash of titans for the Odyssey Pro Wrestling Championship was up first and it was an explosive battle. Kollins perhaps caught RPD off guard with his intensity, starting the match with massive belly-to-bellies. He shocked everyone when, later in the match, he knocked RPD off his feet with a huge suicide dive and a frog splash.

RPD kept fighting back with Morecambe’s support behind him but Kollins could dodge a Superman Punch and fight back with an aggressive clothesline. Consequently, RPD had to dig down deep and hit a massive superplex, leaving both men down before they both kipped up.

Kollins displayed incredible strength throughout, able to get RPD up for a vertical suplex from his knees. Later, he hit two powerbombs in a row followed by a nasty elbow to the back of the head. RPD only just kicked out.

Despite taking a beating, RPD found it within him to hit a springboard cutter from the second rope followed by a Superman Punch - but there was absolute shock in the Alhambra as Kollins somehow kicked out at 2, the first time anyone has done so. RPD was gobsmacked but was able to gather himself enough to head to the top rope and unleash a flying Superman Punch for the win, retaining the belt for the Morecambe faithful.


Gauntlet match - Nate Reece vs Lucas Neon vs Brian Aidenson vs Jackie B vs Lance Revera

The first matchup of this high-stakes gauntlet match (for the number one contendership for the Odyssey Pro Wrestling Championship) saw Nate Reece and Brian Aidenson face off. Reece’s high energy was not appreciated by Aidenson who went jogging around the ring trying to escape him. However, on the mat Aidenson was able to sinch in a sleeper hold, and the pair exchanged a series of close roll-ups, with one of these eventually claiming the victory for Aidenson.

Jackie B was Aidenson’s next opponent. This odd pairing provided hilarious entertainment as they ran rings around each other, trying to catch the other off-guard. Jackie attempted to pick up the win by blatantly using the ropes but the ref caught him. Aidenson then decided to try his luck with this tactic himself, picking up another victory.

Aidenson’s next challenger was Morecambe’s favourite, Lucas Neon, who got attacked before he was even in the ring. He was soon back in the match, though, trapping Aidenson on the top rope by the groin, meaning he and referee James Greenwood could unknowingly dish out extra damage to Aidenson with each bounce of the ropes. Pride (amongst other things) damaged, Aidenson was vulnerable to an atomic drop and slam from Neon which meant he was finally eliminated and Neon advanced.

He would face Lance Revera as the final entrant to the gauntlet, who had Logan come out to distract him so he could launch a sneak attack. Neon fought back though, using Revera’s moments of showboating to try and get the upper hand. However, he couldn’t quite get Revera up on his shoulders to unleash the attack he wanted to and as a result, Lance could superkick him for the win.


Leah Raven vs Lily Winter vs Jennie B (OPW Women’s Championship)

I had the amazing opportunity to join Simon Hill at the announce desk for this match which shaped the future of the Odyssey Pro Wrestling Women’s division. After months of torment from Jennie and Jackie B, Leah Raven was ready to show why she deserved better in this match and vowed to win it for Morecambe. She had a huge numbers game to contend with, with Jennie B and Lily Winter even forming a short-lived coalition to try and keep her down.

But even with them targeting her injured leg, and Jackie getting involved, Raven never gave up and managed to come out on top, hitting the Rebellion on Jennie who escaped the ring but quickly then hitting it for a second time on Lily for the win. Morecambe was ecstatic at this outcome and celebrated with Leah, who thanked the fans for their support and said this was for them. It was an emotional moment that will be etched in Morecambe’s history books forever.


Sam Bailey vs Ginha

Sam Bailey was, as usual, quick to antagonise the crowd (in particular picking on the Radfords), not daunted by his daredevil challenger, Ginha, who was able to build momentum early in the match. However, Bailey had the smarts to pull him out of the ring from the outside and the pair brawled on the floor. As Bailey reeled on the outside, Ginha dived over the referee and took him out in extraordinary fashion.

Back inside the ring, Bailey showed ultimate disrespect by trying to take Ginha’s mask off but was unsuccessful. However, after being squashed by a massive Swanton bomb, Bailey somehow managed to steal the win with a quick and unexpected roll-up for the 1, 2, 3.


Dekker vs Ryan Hunter

After being kicked out of the Spotlight and brutalised at the last show, Dekker addressed the fans, saying that they may not have always agreed on things but now they can all agree that Ryan Hunter will lose. However, he didn’t get a chance to back up these words because Hunter appeared from nowhere with a sneak attack. He launched two horrifying package piledrivers onto a steel chair before mockingly congratulating Dekker for winning their match by disqualification. “You do not deserve a match with me… I’ll show you exactly what you deserve.” he said.

He then trapped Dekker’s ankle in a chair and smashed it with another chair; surely breaking a bone and possibly ending Dekker’s career for good.


Logan vs Rick Markus

Logan promised that he would end Rick’s career, who didn’t seem phased by Lance Revera’s number one fan as the pair felt each other out and seemed equally matched in terms of strength. It didn’t take long for the action to spill to the outside as Logan attempted to retreat from Rick who was gaining the upper hand, but Logan had the smarts to push Rick into the ring post.

Logan’s quick and deplorable tactics helped him later in the match too, when he pushed Markus into the referee, leaving him down and out. Markus was able to follow up with a massive clothesline but couldn’t capitalise as he checked on the ref. Suddenly, Revera was heading down to the ring and caught Markus with a nasty knee to the face while the ref was down. Much to the fans' relief, he was able to kick out and save his career. This lit a fire within him as he fought back with a Saito suplex, bringing the straps down before hitting a massive spear for the win.


TLC match - Reece and Rogan vs Sinergy vs The Freakshow (OPW Tag Team Championships)

This explosive TLC match unleashed just as much carnage as we all expected, and then some. It started with the ladder being set up in the middle of the ring straight away, with Reece and Rogan heading up, only to be stopped by Isaac North and Sheriff Steele of the Freakshow who picked both men up and slammed them into each other. Sinergy were as intense as always, double guillotining North and double suplexing Sheriff. With a classic Dudley Boys tribute, they called for the tables.

This match spilled absolutely everywhere, with all fans getting a front-row seat. As the chaos ensued outside the ring, Reece and Sheriff took turns climbing the ladder but neither man could grab the belt. We even saw Sinergy team up with Reece and Rogan to get rid of a common enemy in the Freakshow, but this soon dissolved. Anderson Daniels unleashed a massive headbutt to Rogan who was then sent head-first into a steel chair before being pounced by Ryan through a table.

This gave Ryan the perfect opportunity to climb the ladder but Reece was quick to stop him, resulting in Ryan being victim to a massive 3D from the top of the ladder. But Isaac North was too quick for them to capitalise, double chokeslamming Rogan and Anderson before feeding Ryan to Sheriff Steele. They then brutally powerbombed Reece through a table all the way from the top rope.

With everyone down and out, this was certainly the Freakshow’s moment to grab the belts, but before they could, Isaiah Quinn was in the ring, demanding that he be the one to grab the belts. Just before he could claim the victory, though, he looked like he saw a ghost as Will Carter’s music hit and he appeared with a steel chair in hand. Quinn scarpered as Carter erupted into the ring to take both North and Steele out, elbow-dropping Steele through a ladder. He then ran after Isaiah Quinn backstage, showing their saga is far from over.

The battle continued and it was Sinergy who looked to be on top after the Freakshow lost their chance, about to pull off a massive Sinergiser through a table before Rogan stopped them with a steel chair and Ryan Hunter turned up from nowhere, toppling them with the numbers game. However, Jack Roberts suddenly appeared to even the score, taking out all members of the Spotlight. Troy Ryan pulled out a spectacular dive from the top rope to take everyone out on the outside. Roberts steadied the ladder for Daniels and it was surely Sinergy’s for the taking… until Roberts toppled the ladder, sending Anderson flying.

Betraying his teammates and the Morecambe fans, Jack Roberts retreated from the wrath of Ryan and led him straight into the grasp of Reece and Rogan, who were able to finish him off and trap him underneath the ladder as they climbed to the top and claimed the tag team championships for themselves.

Every man in this battle showed immense grit amongst unbelievable drama and violence, but in the end, it was Reece and Rogan who toughed it out and made themselves the new Odyssey Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

The fallout from this in December is bound to be chaotic - don’t miss it!

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