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War on the Shore Report

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

When I predicted that War on the Shore would be emotional, I had no idea just how emotional it would end up being. This was a night of ups and downs that will leave Morecambe reeling for months to come. Join me as I run down all the results and details you need to know.

The show kicked off with Ethan Edwards reminiscing about what happened at Overboard back in January. He said that he entered the rumble to try and stop Dekker from winning, which the crowd agreed was an honourable reason for a non-wrestler to step in between the ropes. However, Ethan told us, the OPW Board were not happy with him for his actions (after receiving many complaints which are probably from Dekker and friends) and have stripped him of some of his General Manager powers, now naming him Co-General Manager. The person sharing powers with him would be revealed later in the evening. Silent Mark joked that it would be brilliant if it was him but he hadn’t been asked.

JJ Webb vs Big Guns Joe

It was then time to launch into the action and we started off with this grudge match. Webb was subjected to non-stop “JJ Sucks” chants from the ever-excited Morecambe fans who were firmly behind Joe with his series of impressive suplexes and slams. This riled up Webb and Sandy Beach, who was on the outside, and perhaps encouraged him to jump on the apron to distract Joe meaning Webb could take back control of the match. Joe was incredibly resilient though, always managing to rally against the numbers game and repeatedly going for the Boston Crab submission. However, when he finally locked it in and Webb tapped, Sandy jumped on the apron meaning the referee didn’t see it and the match continued, much to the fans' dismay. It was almost over when Webb capitalised on this opportunity to go for the roll-up while grabbing the tights, but Joe managed to kick out and continue despite Webb going in with aggression and precision. In the finishing moments of the match, Joe managed to push Webb into the ropes after he attempted to reverse the submission again, knocking Beach off the apron, finally allowing him to lock it in for the win. This was a high energy battle that had the fans shouting throughout, cementing Big Guns Joe as a firm favourite for singles success in OPW going forward.

Scum (Scotty Rawk and Tu Byt) vs Lucas Neon and Nick Kutter

This eclectic mix of styles was up next, with Scotty Rawk quick to get on the mic to insult his opponents and explain that while he used to be offended at being called “Scum”, he is now fully accepting of it with the Rat King and Queen by his side. He said, “I’m gonna show these people what Scum can do.”

This team set out to do that from the get-go, with double team manoeuvres that were clearly well practised. They isolated Kutter in their corner so that he couldn’t make a tag, getting worn down by Byt’s characteristic targeting of the leg. With the fans rallying him, Kutter eventually managed to get the hot tag on Neon who exploded into the ring, but Byt cleverly thwarted his momentum by biting his arm and wrestling him down to the mat. This type of grappling (paired with questionable tactics) is where Byt really thrives, so this pace suited him and Neon couldn’t get going with his high energy offence. Once he saw an opening, he managed to leap over Byt and tag in Kutter who was fresh on the attack, destroying Rawk with clotheslines and elbows. However, when they looked to capitalise with a double team move, Byt stopped Neon which meant that Scum were back in control for the rapid closing moments of the match. They showcased an incredible curb stomp from Rawk, into a German suplex by Byt followed by the half Boston crab. Neon went to make the save but Rawk appeared with a springboard dropkick to take him down. This then meant that Byt could lock in the Rat Trap, which he only let go to let Rawk hit a giant roundhouse kick. Neon tried to break up the pin but Byt was quick to block him, giving Scum the 1,2,3. Both teams demonstrated their tenacity in this heavy-hitting battle, but it was Scum who worked most fluidly together, granting them the all-important victory. However, any level of respect I may have had for their skills was lost when they decided to go on an unnecessary post-match beat down.

Last Man Standing Match – Sexy Kev vs Dark Mark Meltzer

This long-lasting story finally came to an end in this match, where the OPW fans were granted the opportunity to vote for the stipulation on Patreon. SilentMark revealed that a Last Man Standing match was the winning vote, so it was bound to get very violent in order for someone to stay down for the 10 count.

This was proven to be the case, as the Freakshow launched an attack on Kev from the opening bell, with the match rules meaning there were no consequences. But their tactics failed as Kev was too focused, throwing them out of the ring immediately. Kev then took his frustration out on Meltzer after a lengthy stand-off, taking him through the crowd. A small child even got a punch in on Meltzer after encouragement from Kev, and soon after he was getting thrown into the ring post head first. Kev seemed to be reigning supreme with momentum firmly in his favour, and Quinn felt the need to interfere to change things, finding himself face to face with Kev. Will Carter threw the book that Quinn carries around to try and help, but it backfired when Kev grabbed it instead and used it as a weapon. But, this gave Meltzer and the rest of the Freakshow chance to recuperate, with a steel chair getting added to the fray. Meltzer was aggressive with it, but Kev kept on resiliently answering to the 10 count. It seemed to be the end when Meltzer had Kev firmly grounded and going for a headshot, but Kev low blowed him just in time and was able to hit him with a swift headshot of his own after annihilating Carter and Nightmare, which Meltzer could not get back up from. Kev had finally achieved his revenge and the Freakshow had their tails between their legs as they left the ring, seeming shook up after their loss and Carter was even left cowering beneath an enraged Meltzer on the stage.

OPW Women’s Championship – Taonga vs Harley Hudson

The first championship match of the night was the main event of the first half, which saw Hudson making her Morecambe debut. If she was nervous to be in a title match in her very first appearance in OPW, she didn’t show it as she emerged from the curtain full of energy to match that of the fans. This transferred into the match, where she wrestled Taonga down with skilful grappling and limb targeting. She was too strong and fast for Taonga, flooring her with defiant shoulder tackles and suplexes. Having said this, it was a back-and-forth battle with Taonga displaying the skills that we have all come to expect from her and always kicking out. The pair exchanged mutual elbow strikes at one point, neither willing to back down. When Harley eventually got Taonga floored, she looked to be going for a slam of some kind but struggled to get Taonga up as she was completely dead weight. She appeared to be playing possum, however, as she was suddenly quick to push Hudson into the referee, laying him out. She then grabbed her championship belt and hit Hudson with a firm shot to the head, knocking her out for the 3 count. Hudson seems worthy of a rematch, as she showed immense tenacity in this battle and lost through no lack of ability.

A dishonourable victory wasn’t enough for Taonga as she went on the attack after the match, but was stopped in her tracks by Alexxis Falcon’s music hitting. Taonga scarpered from the ring and Falcon got on the mic. “How long have I been waiting to be in the ring with you, and the first thing you do is run away,” she said. “I will make sure that on June 18th, it’s me and you one on one for that championship.”

We are yet to find out if this will be made official, but the Morecambe faithful certainly hopes so as they chanted for Alexxis. Later on in the evening, we found out that the fans will be able to choose what stipulation they want this match to be.

Sinergy vs Reece and Rogan

After the interval, we were treated to another tag team match – but this one was physically much bigger. We had Brooker and “The Spotlight” out first, and Brooker, of course, got on the mic to berate the crowd, despite being interrupted several times by “RPD” chants. He firstly announced that he was the new co-general manager of OPW much to everyone’s dismay. He then claimed that Reece and Rogan were about to lay waste to their opponents and that the winner of the main event would be “in the Spotlight”. Sinergy then emerged from the curtain with fighting talk of their own. They told Reece and Rogan to “calm down, Weasley twins” before revealing that they knew The Spotlight would attempt to use the numbers game so they had a surprise. They then welcomed the third member of Sinergy, Jack Roberts, to even the score.

When the match began, then, there was no denying the confidence of Sinergy with their new member who was a solid presence on ringside throughout the non-stop action, not afraid to square up. Sinergy came out on top at first in the ring, with Troy Ryan at one point impressively taking out both members of the opposing team. Reece was taken out by Ryan on the outside of the ring, who then turned his attention to Brooker who was sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, but Brooker used Kelly as a human shield. Later in the match, it became chaotic when the ref was distracted by the drama outside the ring meaning Reece and Rogan could launch in with their double team attacks, some of them surprisingly nimble such as running cannonballs. However, Sinergy answered with athletic moves of their own, as we saw Ryan hitting a hurricanrana so that he could make the tag to Anderson who hit a giant flying headbutt from the top rope. As Sinergy were going for the Sinergizer for the win, Brooker threw Kelly in his way to avoid Roberts, and Kelly then ended up on the apron which broke up the finisher attempt meaning that Reece and Rogan were able to regroup and hit their own finisher for the victory.

There was no break from the drama even during the raffle. Helana Razor was there to assist SilentMark but once it was over, two people randomly emerged from the crowd to launch a vicious blind-siding attack on her. Even Mark was restrained and kicked. It turned out to be Jennie B and Jackie B, who Helana had faced back at Pier Fear and defeated. Jennie donned a “Miss Morecambe” sash as the fans clearly disagreed with this moniker. This must mean a future rematch.

Lance Revera vs Nate Reece

Next up, we had this battle for recognition. Revera didn’t seem too confident to begin the match at first, avoiding a lock-up, and then out grappled by Reece when they did clash. Revera was angry and taunted the fans in response to their support of Reece, who revelled in the cheers but this proved to be a mistake as he was thrown off the second rope by Revera after taking too long. Revera seemed to switch the momentum at this point, trying to go for a powerbomb, but Reece was quick to reverse it into a head scissors takedown. Both of them were resilient, kicking out of everything the other could throw. Reece even got up from a brutal DDT on the stage and just beat the 10 count to get back into the ring, Revera pulling out some of the most violent offence I have ever seen from him. The match continued, but just as Revera seemed to have it won, he was suddenly distracted by commentator Simon Hill who was apparently criticising Revera, telling him to go for the pin instead of showboating. Revera did not take kindly to this advice and started yelling at him, this spelling disaster as Reece was thus handed the victory as he capitalised on the distraction.

Revera had to be restrained by security from attacking Hill after the match – he was alight with rage and was dragged backstage, as Hill looked on, looking shaken.

OPW Championship – Ryan Hunter vs Andre Dekker vs R.P. Davies

There was a big fight feel going into this explosive main event that was surely going to offer a payoff for one of the biggest feuds in British wrestling. Dekker was clearly taking it seriously, as he made the rest of the Spotlight go backstage and let him do it alone.

He perhaps regretted this as RPD went straight after him from the bell with his signature boxing punches, driving him onto the floor and slamming him on the apron. However, Dekker was able to reverse and threw RPD into the ring post.

Dekker then turned his attention to Hunter who was fresh after chilling in the ring while this brawl was taking place, so was able to go straight in with the side slam. Dekker again proved his resiliency as he reversed the powerbomb attempt into a back body drop, eliminating Hunter for the time being but RPD was able to enter the ring again, taking control. When he tried to capitalise and go for the Superman Punch, Dekker caught him with a spear out of nowhere. It wasn’t long before Hunter and RPD started to team up on Dekker, but RPD ended up being thrown over the top rope. Hunter managed to powerbomb Dekker but the Hunter’s Arrow was cleverly reversed, meaning Dekker could go for a huge superplex, but he was too tired to go for the cover straight away. When he eventually did, RPD launched from the top rope with a giant elbow drop to break it up. Dekker found himself in the middle of the other two, firstly hit with Hunter’s signature elbow and then a Superman Punch which had him spiralling out of the ring.

This left RPD and Hunter facing off, and the fans (who had been torn but loud in their support throughout) were conflicted. The pair finally brawled and Hunter seemed to come out on top, hitting a firm lariat and almost a powerbomb, but RPD managed to reverse it into a hurricanrana. The tides turned again and Hunter was able to hit the Hunter’s Arrow, which was surely for the win, but RPD amazingly kicked out. Hunter was totally perplexed by this and was thrown off his game, meaning RPD could hit a nasty neck breaker and kip up with newfound confidence. He was gearing up for the Superman Punch when The Spotlight emerged, presumably to support Dekker who was still out cold. RPD’s quick thinking allowed him to grab two steel chairs from beneath the ring and hand one to Hunter to fight them off, but they wouldn’t come into the ring despite RPD’s taunts, calling them cowards.

Not one person in the Alhambra could have predicted what happened next. Ryan Hunter used his steel chair to hit RPD behind his back. The Morecambe fans fell silent in complete disbelief as their hero turned to The Spotlight. Brooker laughed as Hunter got RPD up for a package piledriver and drove his head into the steel chair brutally for the win. Hunter had won the belt, but no one cheered for him, for the first time ever in Morecambe. He didn’t seem to care and instead revelled in his victory, taunting the fans who used to love him and even flipping them off. He shook hands with Dekker and hugged Brooker in the middle of the ring, before the Spotlight launched a devastating attack on RPD. All hope seemed lost until familiar music hit and Rick Markus was suddenly on the stage, fuming at seeing his tag team partner being unfairly beaten down. The Spotlight retreated as Rick helped RPD up, the fans chanting “Ryan sucks” and removing their Ryan Hunter shirts. There was anger and sadness in the air but also relief at the return of Markus. Who knows what Hunter’s reasons are for this heinous act?

Well, there it all is – one intense evening from start to finish which was just as exciting to relive as it was to be there in person. You have to make sure you get your tickets for Shipwrecked as soon as possible to witness all the fallout from this event.

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