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Shipwrecked Results

Shipwrecked 19/02/22

Match 1

  • Tu byt vs Rob Drake (W)

Match 2 8

  • Scotty Rawk(W) vs Lucas Neon

Tu Byt and Jennifer interfered helping Scotty Rawk.

Match 3

  • Reece & Rogan (W) vs Sinergy

First Half Main

  • Taonga (W) vs KT Hawkins vs Gia Adams

Gia Adams interrupted the in ring announcement for the match and was added to the match making it a tripe threat.


Match 5

  • Dekker (W) vs Nate Reese

Nate Reece challenges Dekker to, like RPD, put his title opportunity on the line to which Dekker said no. General Manager Ethan Edwards came out and made the stipulation official despite Dekkers protests

Match 6

  • Rpd (W) vs Sam Bailey

RPD spoke to the crowd after the match promising to return as the New Odyssey Pro Wrestling Champion.

Match 7

  • The Freakshow vs Made to Last (W)

Before the match General Manager Ethan Edwards made the match of Mark Meltzer vs Sexy Kev for War on the Shore, if Freakshow won the Tag Team Match then Isaiah Quinn would choose the Stipulation, if Made to Last win then Sexy Kev would choose the stipulation.

Main Event

  • Hunter (W) vs Big Gun Joe

After the match Big Guns Joe raised Hunters hand in respect and left.

The Spotlight, (Dekker, Reece and Rogan) attempted to attach Ryan Hunter once again but was saved by RPD weilding a chair.

Tickets are available now for War on the Shore on April 9th.

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