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Overboard Rumble Match Predictions

This weekend, Morecambe will be set alight with what is bound to be the best rumble taking place that day, rivalled by absolutely no one I’m certain…

Well, it may have some WWE shaped competitors but I’m sure on one thing – OPW’s is going to be the hardest to predict, and I’m the one with the job to try and do it. With 20 of OPW’s biggest and baddest names entering and all desperate for that title shot promised for the winner, it’s going to be one messy match. Every 90 seconds a new competitor will emerge from the curtain and bring a fresh set of lungs to the table, making it extra hard to predict because the number you draw could deeply affect your chances of winning. Having said that, I’m nothing if not a trier, so let’s give it a go.

To begin with, it may be useful for me to rule some people out. Sam Bailey. Okay, done. Let’s move on!

Interestingly, Chris Brooker made it so that both members of Sinergy, Troy Ryan and Anderson Daniels, would be in the match, so we have a tag team dynamic to consider. They may be able to help each other and this would give them a great advantage (plus they would have no issues throwing people over the top rope), but there can only be one winner which complicates things. Troy Ryan didn’t fare too well on his own in the OPW Championship tournament which may not bode well; if Daniels is to turn his back to deal with someone else, we may see Ryan being eliminated, and vice versa. This is why I think it won’t be Sinergy’s night, as they thrive in tag team environments where they can bounce off one another.

Speaking of Chris Brooker, I am inclined to suggest a similar problem for Reece and Rogan, as when you are used to working alongside someone, it may be difficult to adapt to a rumble situation when you need to be alert constantly. Plus, these two may be more focused on beating down Nick Kutter and Lucas Neon in their tag team match. Oh, and sorry Kutter and Neon – after the beating you will probably receive in this match, I don’t see you going all the way in the rumble.

To turn to another team (loosely applied term), we also have JJ Webb and Big Guns Joe to consider, who will no doubt have Sandy Beach cheering them on the outside too and getting involved. After the drama at Buried Treasure, which saw Sandy Beach nearly disqualify his friends, these three men aren’t quite as in sync as they would have us believe. If they couldn’t cooperate then, I personally think it’s only a matter of time before they implode completely, and the high stakes pressure of this rumble may be the time. Needless to say, then, I don’t think any of these men will be standing tall at the end.

All of the events that occurred with Isaiah Quinn’s Freakshow and Sexy Kev at the last show will also be reignited here, but I think that they may be too preoccupied with each other to really capitalise on the rumble opportunity. Afterall, there is only so much assistance Quinn will be able to give in this type of match. Hopefully, this may give Mark Meltzer the chance to snap out of whatever spell Quinn has over him and go back to his true self.

I’ve had to be brutal and rule some men out, but let’s turn to those who I think have a greater chance at being the last man standing. Lance Revera was so close to winning his match at Buried Treasure but was caught at the very last second by RPD’s Superman Punch, so he will no doubt have a chip on his shoulder to prove that he can outsmart and outlast RPD and Rawk this time round, and has proven he has the ability to do that. Having said that, Rawk and RPD cannot be counted out either as they both had a dominant showing in this triple threat, but with RPD being the overall victor, he may have the edge that confidence brings to go all the way.

However, RPD may be distracted by his arch nemesis, Andre Dekker, whose place in the match is also confirmed. I cannot wait to see these two face off for the first time on equal grounds; or will it be equal, with Reese and Rogan on Dekker’s side? Perhaps not, and this may be RPD’s downfall.

Quick on for revenge for his close friend will no doubt be Rick Markus who must be seriously considered here – he has the aggression and strength to go far, especially after his disappointing tournament performance leaving him hungry for another opportunity. This was at the hands of Tu Byt who is another man who could go all the way, and will be spurred on to achieve his rematch after coming so close to capturing the belt in the final of the tournament. These two men are probably the most unforgiving fighters in OPW and I can picture them as the last two standing.

But there is one more man left to consider who is a bit of a wildcard choice as he will be making his Morecambe debut, and that is none other than Rob Drake. He was a fan favourite in Blackpool as he came out victorious in his fatal four way match at Pier Fear, proving his resilience in the face of multiple opponents, obviously a vital attribute in a rumble match. It will be interesting to see if the Morecambe crowd take to him or not, but he will be keen to prove himself in front of them for the first time.

Now, it’s quite impossible for me to just choose one winner without knowing the order of entrances, but I do feel confident saying this much – the last three men could be Tu Byt, Rick Markus and Rob Drake, and they will slug it out in an epic battle. If I absolutely had to choose one winner, I would hesitantly say Tu Byt because of how far he got in the tournament, but who knows? Maybe one of the men who I’ve already written off will come back to prove me wrong at this point and throw everyone else over the top rope; perhaps Dekker wanting to make a lasting impression and cause chaos? Only time will tell and I personally cannot wait, and if you want to be there to see it first hand, make sure you buy your tickets as soon as you can. It’s going to be explosive and you don’t want to miss it.

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