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Mutiny Report

The fans in Morecambe were as excited as usual to see what OPW had in store at their show aptly named Mutiny, and with such a stacked card full of championships and grudges, it was no wonder. Let’s jump straight into the action and run down exactly what happened.

SilentMark had no chance to get his usual introduction in before The Spotlight had emerged to rapturous boos. Co-GM Chris Brooker got on the mic to talk down to “the simple people of Morecambe”, going on a long-winded introduction for Ryan Hunter, who got the most disgusted reception of the night. The fans chanted “traitor” and “RPD” instead of listening to Brooker ramble about how Hunter deserved to be in the Spotlight and didn’t have to listen to the fans anymore. He then went on to add Reece and Rogan to the triple threat match for number one contendership, before announcing that Rick Markus was not present, implicating that Dekker had taken him out some time before the show.

The other co-GM, Ethan Edwards, had heard enough. He said that although he can’t stop Brooker from making decisions, he can make them better, so the recently made 5-way match would become a 6-pack challenge, featuring a hand-picked new talent Alexander Grey. He then said that the OPW fans deserve a championship match, “so Ryan Hunter, prepare for war”. It was none other than the War Machine Craig Kollins making his return to Morecambe, ready for his title opportunity.


OPW Championship Match – Ryan Hunter (c) vs Craig Kollins

The match kicked off straight away much to the dismay of The Spotlight, but they had no time to complain as Kollins erupted into the ring and took them all out before turning his attention to the champion with a huge belly-to-belly suplex and dishing out 10 closed fists. He then headed to the top rope presumably for his signature frog splash, but Hunter cleverly rolled out of the ring – or, it seemed clever until Kollins hit him with a suicide dive. With the fighting now spilling to the floor, Hunter managed to reverse Kollins’ momentum and throw him into the ring post. Hunter still seemed out-strengthened by Kollins who fought against the submission attempts and moved out of the way of a cannonball attempt before hitting one of his own.

Later, Hunter called to finish it but again Kollins was able to reverse into a huge shoulder tackle and not long after hit a huge powerbomb. As the referee was counting, the bell rang out of nowhere, causing major confusion. It was Brooker, successfully distracting the referee so that Hunter could hit a low blow behind his back and hit the package pile driver that had put RPD out at War on the Shore.

The fans were enraged and chanted “War Machine”, cementing Kollins’ return as impactful despite unsuccessful. Hunter didn’t care less about his actions and mocked the fans as he walked away with his championship firmly in his grasp.


Freakshow vs Lucas Neon and Nick Kutter

The next match saw Isaiah Quinn in tow with Mark Meltzer, Nightmare and Will Carter, the latter of which has been victim to some harsh words from Isaiah Quinn lately after apparently being the reason they were unsuccessful at the last show. Quinn had not forgotten about this, as before the bell could ring, he told Will that he was out and Meltzer was in. As Nightmare faced off against Kutter to begin the match, the fans chanted “We want Will”, clearly sympathetic for his unfair treatment and hoping he can resist Quinn’s brainwashing.

The fans were also firmly behind Kutter and Neon, hanging on each high-energy sequence that they pulled off. Meltzer and Nightmare worked well as a team, though, keeping Neon isolated and grounded. Fighting back, Neon managed to catch Nightmare mid-air and slam him into Meltzer who was on the floor as a type of human step ladder, thwarting their teamworking and allowing the highly-anticipated tag to Kutter.

Kutter was fresh and it seemed as if they had won not long after, with Neon covering Nightmare, but Carter pulled Nightmare out in the nick (pun not intended) of time, disobeying Quinn’s request to stay put. Outside the ring, Kutter was ready to attack Quinn who was getting involved in the match so Carter aimed to take Kutter out, only for him to dodge, sending Carter superkicking Quinn instead. Neon then managed to hit his signature cutter for 3. The fans were loud in their appreciation of the underdogs finally getting their well-deserved victory.

However, they weren’t happy when Quinn sent Meltzer on the attack on Carter. What is going to happen to this dysfunctional family remains to be seen.


Sam Bailey vs Rob Drake

This clash of two staples of the British wrestling scene was as technically sound as we were expecting, both men proving why they are such big names with impressive grappling. Well, that was once Sam Bailey decided he was ready to fight and had managed to stay in the ring. As cocky but evasive as ever, Bailey was not a fan favourite to say the least.

Nonetheless, he made plenty of valiant efforts against the size disadvantage that he was at, but Drake dominated the match physically throughout, such as with a series of repeated suplexes which he didn’t even look tired after.

Despite Drake having the upperhand for the most part, Bailey ended up proving why he tells people to “Be More” when he won the match with a swift and unexpected roll-up. Drake seemed as frustrated as the fans, but they cheered for his effort and certainly seemed eager to see him return.


R.P. Davies vs Andre Dekker

This grudge match has been building for months so when these two men finally met one on one, it was as violent as you would expect. RPD was not messing around and went for the Superman Punch almost as soon as the bell rang, throwing Dekker off his game with shock. It spilled to the outside and RPD remained the stronger of the two, smashing Dekker’s head on the hard stage.

Dekker is used to brawling, however, and was happy to dish it back, getting the action in the ring and grounding RPD with a headlock and clothesline when RPD attempted to rally.

Neither man could be kept down by the other as they both pulled everything out of their playbooks, such as a huge flying cross body from RPD and an attempted 3 Amigos from Dekker, but on the third, RPD reversed and hit a suplex of his own. Both men were down for almost a 10 count, with Dekker stirring first, only for RPD to kip-up to one of the loudest fan reactions of the night. He hit a round of clotheslines and a DDT, followed by a flying elbow drop from the top rope, but still only for 2.

It was time for RPD to call for the Superman Punch, but Kelly grabbed his ankle to stop him, giving Dekker the opportunity to hit one of his own and On The Rocks. The atmosphere became solemn as no one expected RPD to kick out of this tirade, but amazingly, he did. Dekker’s frustration got the better of him as he went for his finisher again, only for it to be reversed into an unexpected Superman Punch for the win for RPD.

The Spotlight fumed as the fans erupted. RPD celebrated with them and grabbed a microphone, claiming that Brooker is next and he is coming for the entire Spotlight. He said that the fans are the reason Morecambe is so special, so he will “bring that title and everything it represents back where it belongs.”


JJ Webb vs Sexy Kev vs Alexander Grey vs Big Guns Joe vs Reece vs Rogan

What started out as a triple threat match between JJ Webb, Sexy Kev and Big Guns Joe for number one contendership for the OPW championship finally ended up being a 6-pack challenge. So, needless to say, this match was difficult to keep up with, with so many bodies and different personalities clashing.

This first came when Webb attempted to do a strip tease of his own, frustrated that Kev was deemed the sexy one and not him, which failed when he couldn’t get his shirt over his head. He thought he could rally Reece and Rogan to be on his side but they appeared to be as frustrated with him as the fans, demolishing him. Reece then took both Grey and Joe out singlehandedly, as Webb turned his attention to his former teammate Joe. For being an unfamiliar face, Grey remained popular with the Morecambe faithful as he outsmarted Reece, only to be thwarted by Rogan. Joe then entered back into the ring with many attempts to get Rogan down, actually managing to get him up on his shoulders at one point only for Webb to ruin it.

Sexy Kev was soon back in the ring to use his “buns of steel” against Webb, and even took down both Reece and Rogan with a double DDT. He then went to the top rope and took down everyone who was unfortunate enough to be on the floor. Webb wasn’t one of these people and started celebrating, but Big Joe suddenly appeared to unload on him. He seemed to have it won with the Boston Crab locked in, but Reece and Rogan appeared. As they went for a double suplex on him, Grey entered the ring to assist Joe in suplexing the members of the Spotlight. Grey then hit a harsh spear on Reece, but Kev was quickly in the ring to attempt to roll him up and then powerbomb him for the win.

The Morecambe crowd were delighted that Kev was the number one contender, and in a show of sportsmanship, Grey and Joe celebrated with him too. However, the Spotlight had to ruin the moment, with Ryan Hunter emerging to brawl with Kev, attempting to use his championship belt as a weapon. Hunter certainly wasn’t expecting Kev to come out on top and was enraged as Kev held the belt high and “I’m sexy and I know it” played. It seems that perhaps Hunter’s grasp on the title isn’t as firm as it seemed at the beginning of the night. He certainly has to stay focused if he is to retain it against Sexy Kev at Stormy Waters.


Scum vs Sinergy

This match had no chance to start before Jennifer was annoying the fans, interrupting SilentMark (who was probably sick of being cut off by this point in the night) to give Scum a custom entrance. This new tag team have apparently been practising well, able to double team the physically larger and much more experienced Sinergy with quick and clever attacks. But, there was nothing they could do to stop the strength of Anderson Daniels who caught Rawk mid-leapfrog and slammed him down on a lengthy vertical suplex. He then got Rawk up on his shoulders, and as Byt attempted to get the tag, he fell into the ring. This caused the referee to be distracted meaning Jennifer could get involved, letting Scum get the upper hand.

Scum used quick tags and underhand tactics to retain momentum, leaving Troy Ryan no choice but to get into the ring to help, catching Rawk mid-cross-body and throwing him into Byt. This then meant he could be tagged in, exploding with a series of giant suplexes and clotheslines to take out both members of Scum, using Rawk as a battering ram.

However, Byt and Rawk managed to gain the upper hand again, with Byt going for the Rat Trap. It appeared that Ryan was just too strong to be knocked out by it, though, and even when Rawk went for the hook kick, Ryan was able to reverse it and get both men down. As Sinergy went for a Doomsday Device, surely for the win, Jennifer suddenly appeared with a steel chair and hit Daniels for the disqualification.

Rawk then began attacking Daniels so brutally that even Tu Byt winced. Ryan was taped to the ring so that he could do nothing but watch as Daniels was pummelled, and neither could the referees. Finally, Ryan broke free and Scum were scared off. Although a disappointing end, the records will show a victory for Sinergy.


Falls Count Anywhere OPW Women’s Championship Match – Taonga (c) vs Alexxis Falcon

Before the much-anticipated main event could kick-off, we had a message from an annoyed Jennie B on the screen, who complained about being booed at the last show (where she attacked Helana Razor behind her back during the raffle). She revealed that Brooker has signed her and Jackie B and that she is “Miss Morecambe”, demanding that the fans respect her at the next show. What does this mean for the women’s division?

No one appeared to care much when Alexxis Falcon appeared, the Morecambe original who has been fighting tooth and nail against Taonga since the beginning of OPW to claim the championship.

Taonga wasn’t as eager to fight, running out of the ring to avoid the initial lock-up, but Falcon chased her and forced her to brawl on the stage. Despite not knowing the stipulation before the match, Falcon adapted to it quickly, going for a roll-up and dominating Taonga outside and inside the ring. Taonga was also more than happy to take it to the outside, pushing Falcon into the fan’s seats and following this up with a series of harsh kicks. The brawling continued around the Alhambra, with a steel chair getting set up – not for someone to sit and enjoy the show, but for Taonga to be thrown into and punched on. The most brutal moment of this intense match came when Alexxis was able to reverse Taonga’s suplex attempts on the stage and hit one of her own. To everyone’s disbelief, Taonga was not kept down by this and the fighting continued. A “this is awesome” chant summed it up perfectly; this was by far the match of the night.

They fought around the merch table at one point, with Taonga defiantly ripping an Alexxis 8x10 in half. Back in the ring, the steel chair came back into play with Taonga going for a shot to the face, only for Alexxis to avoid and come back with clotheslines and a chair shot to the mid-section and a brutal spinning neck breaker on the chair, but only for 2.

Taonga then cleverly fought back to hit the flatliner, but instead of covering, decided to go underneath the ring to grab a ladder. This tactic didn’t work out as Alexxis stomped on the ladder, resulting in Taonga getting hit in the head. Falcon then set it up in the corner of the ring and tried to suplex Taonga through it, but she reversed and hit her knee strike. It wasn’t for the win, though, and Taonga started to get frustrated, raking the eyes of Alexxis and drop-kicking her into the ladder. After kicking out, Falcon gained some momentum to hit a neck breaker and then went for a superkick which accidentally hit the referee, who Taonga was using to help her up. She hit the Falcon’s Fury for around a 7 count but with the ref down, it didn’t spell victory, and the fans were angry.

Just as a new referee came down to the ring, Taonga gathered herself and managed to hit her finisher, and everyone thought it was over. However, Falcon found it within her to kick out at 2 and make an epic comeback, eventually hitting the Falcon’s Fury again, this time for the win. The Morecambe fans exploded in appreciation as the new Women’s Champion was crowned. Both women put up the fight of their lives, but it is Alexxis Falcon who walks into Stormy Waters with the belt this time around.

The fallout from Mutiny is set to be intense with a new champion, new faces and new rivalries emerging. You will have to get your ticket soon to guarantee you are there to witness it at Stormy Waters on August 6th!

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