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Isaiah Quinn's Shipwrecked Results

In the absence of Lucy Simonsonsen and her lack of common sense, I have hacked my way in to getting a column on Odyssey Pro Wrestling’s website.

With my knowledge and background in this company I am proud to bring you an unbiased-in-depth overview of OPW’s Shipwrecked show. Yes this show was 2 weeks ago but I was inundated in red tape no thanks to Odysseys narrative against My Freakshow.

And what better place to start than with My Freakshow and the new-founded cabal of Odyssey management that have been plotting against us.

Seconds, SECONDS, before the bell sounded to start the match between My Freakshow and forever minnows Made To Last, Ethan Edwards decided to use scare tactics to demoralise My Children. He announced the winner of this match would get to pick a stipulation for a match between Sexual Kevin and my ever strong Dark Mark.

Seconds. Before. The Bell. Impartiality at OPW is dead. I mentioned a narrative has formed against My Freakshow and you might think at this point, there isn’t much cause for gripe.

Couple this with what happened next however and surely you will begin to see the conspiracy plotted against us.

Will Carter, my youngest, was inexplicably rendered unconscious with a broken nose and partially unfractured skull after a ‘stray’ foot from Made To Last’s Leon Grey shattered him. “Accidents happen” I hear you say. Except that Will Carter was NOT the legal man in this tag match. In the melee of all of this referee James Greenwood CONTINUED with the match. I looked into the gushing blood of Will Carter and I saw not my reflection but the exchange of money, the blackmail, between OPW management, Made To Last, Sexual Kevin and referee James Greenwood.

Forced to continue, myself and Dark Mark, (who may I reminded you were not legally involved in this match) were also brutally attacked leading to a loss that I am still waiting to be overturned.

Ladies and Gentlemen, life isn’t fair. We are dealt a hand and we have to make the most of it. That hand is proved indefinitely harder to play when conspirators work against you. That is why I have submitted a Data Access Request for ALL correspondence between Made To Last, James Greenwood, OPW management and Sexual Kevin from OPW’s inception to present day.

I will fight for a fair hand not just for me, but for everyone and ensure that the ‘O’ in OPW stands for ‘(fair) Opportunity’.

Isaiah Quinn

Chief Staff at IQ Papers

PS- also Rob Drake def. Tu Byt, Scotty Rawk def. Lucas Neon, Reece & Rogan def. Sinergy, Taonga (c) def. KT Hawkins & Gia Adams, RPD def. Sam Bailey, Ryan Hunter (c) def. Big Guns Joe.

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