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Isaiah Quinn previews Mutiny

We are mainlining for Odyssey Pro Wrestling’s Mutiny show this Saturday and I’ve been seconded by OPW to write up a preview of the upcoming show in the absence of Lucy Simonsonsen…again. Quite obviously the card is stacked. You shouldn’t expect anything less from Odyssey by now right? Let’s draw our attention to arguably the landmark match people are paying to see. That’s right, My Freakshow vs Neon Cutter and Nick Lucas. I managed to grab a quick word with Neon and Nick this week.* When I turned up I had interrupted their conversation, an in-depth critique of Enya’s back catalogue. Both animated and steadfast defending their own opinions, Neon backing Watermark (1988) and with good reason-Orinoco doesn’t just flow, it ebbs and weaves. Nick, opting for critically acclaimed Shepherd’s Moons (1991) with the swathing top 10 hit ‘Caribbean Blue’ leading the charge. Their demeanour swiftly changed when I entered, shoulders dropped, Nick Kutters hair flopped in front of his eyes. When I asked them what they felt their chances were against my Freakshow on Saturday Lucas hesitated; “I just think we don’t stand a chance against the cunning Isaiah Quinn and his Freakshow at OPW Mutiny”** said Neon rubbingly. It’s a strong point. The Freakshow and I have been on a crusade to expose the weakness within OPW and he’d be foolish to think he can stop our progress. At this point Nick Kutter raises his head and brushes his hair back. “We’re toast”** he said toastingly. And for a moment I almost felt sorry for them. Such promising taste in music and they’ve already succumb to the idea that they are a footnote in The Book of Isaiah. *I may or may not have actually had any conversation with them. **May not be factual quotes.

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