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Alexxis Falcon vs Gia Adams vs Lizzy Evo vs Taonga Predictions

At Buried Treasure this Saturday, not one but TWO inaugural champions will be crowned. The women’s championship is going to be the focus of this article, as I explore who I think will come out on top of the elimination fatal four way that is taking place between Lizzy Evo, Taonga, Alexxis Falcon and Gia Adams.

To start with, we have to look at the history of the four women involved. They were supposed to face each other in a fatal four way at Set Sail, in a one fall match, but circumstances meant that it was changed to one v one in the form of Gia Adams vs Taonga. Taonga was the one who emerged victorious here, but only after she raked the eyes of Adams; a dastardly but effective move, Adams is going to have to make sure she doesn’t get caught out by this type of manoeuvre again.

She may not have been able to take part in the match, but Alexxis Falcon was also in Morecambe for Set Sail and seemed confident despite her injury, saying that she would become the first ever OPW women’s champion. The Morecambe faithful certainly believed her, as she explained how she made her way into wrestling in Morecambe, and that she wants to show the people who gave her this start how much she has improved in the ring.

She had the chance to do this at the next show, Stormy Waters. Teaming up with Gia Adams, the pair were determined to get some revenge on Taonga for her attitude towards them at Set Sail. Taonga was joined by Lizzy Evo and these two seemed to have a compatible mindset, utilising their aggression and going for illegal tactics when they could. Adams and Falcon didn’t take kindly to this and combated it with clever double team moves which were effective but not enough to secure them the victory.

It was when Taonga broke up the pin on Lizzie that was sure to end the match, that Falcon pursued Taonga out of the ring and trapped her in between her and Gia, triggering a giant brawl on the outside that ultimately resulted in a double count out.

Taonga and Evo weren’t satisfied though, and forced Falcon back in the ring to be subject to their double team finisher and a vicious beat down. Adams then got involved to help her teammate and friend, and security were forced to intervene to stop the chaos.

That was when Ethan Edwards announced that the animosity between these four women had gone far enough and announced the match that we are talking about today.

That brings me to now. It’s going to be incredibly difficult for me to predict this match – as is the nature of all multi person matches, the action is thick and fast and you hardly know where to look. With it being an elimination match, there is a unique dynamic in that one pin fall will not end things, so tactics are even more so in play. You could let your opponents beat one another down and eliminate everyone else while you have a rest on the outside, leaving one tired competitor for you to jump out and pin for the victory. But with the amount of personal anger that’s going into this matchup, I don’t envision this being the case; these women want to get their hands on one another desperately.

I think Adams and Falcon may be prone to working as a team for some of it, but they both know what’s at stake and won’t be willing to let it go too easily and may take it to blows on each other if they have to. Lizzy Evo and Taonga may have worked as a team at Stormy Waters, but these two are devious and know how to rise to an occasion, so I don’t imagine that their partnership will extend very far - I instead think that they will be keen to bash each other’s heads in.

I’m not even going to attempt to predict who will be eliminated in what order because that would be too tall of a task, especially given the spontaneous, fast-paced nature of the wrestlers involved which means that literally anything could happen. I am going to try and predict a winner though.

It would be easy to count out Gia Adams after her loss at Set Sail, but to underestimate her would be a mistake as she can learn from this experience with Taonga and has proven in that match and since then that she is fierce inside the ropes.

Taonga herself obviously has this confidence booster and experience behind her which will spur her on to keep going in this match where stamina is so important – but with her shenanigans with the fans who are always vocal about their disdain for her, it may be difficult for her to focus.

Lizzy Evo doesn’t appear to be the type to be unfocused and after such a dominant showing at Stormy Waters, she has the promise to go all the way and beat down Falcon and Adams again. She clearly has an opportunistic mindset too, which could be vital.

Falcon and Adams may be intimidated after what happened to them, but I think this is more likely to spur them on to be the toughest they can be rather than scare them. Alexxis Falcon has just come back from injury so has to be careful to not have this come back to bite her - but this pent-up passion and rage that she will be experiencing has the potential give her the flair that she will need to keep these three women down. This passion to come back with a bang and prove that she is worthy of being in the match, combined with the fans firmly behind her and her story in Morecambe, is what makes her the winner of this bout in my eyes. The energy of the Morecambe fans is impossible to emulate and this might just be the dealbreaker for Falcon. Her determination to continue her legacy, becoming the first ever three time women’s champion in Morecambe and the inaugural OPW women’s champion, could certainly be unstoppable.

Having said this, it's impossible to say how this match is going to play out. Who will eliminate who? Will friendships be forged or broken? How will the eliminated women react to losing? I can’t wait to find out and you need to make sure you get your tickets now so that you can find out too.

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