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A Rundown of What to Expect from the Female Wrestlers of OPW

Updated: May 19, 2021

Already announced on OPW’s social media pages, there is a fatal four way match scheduled for their debut show, Set Sail, on August 7th in Morecambe. Fatal four ways are always some of the most brutal matches you will ever see, but this encounter becomes all the more so when you consider who is in it – Lizzy Evo, Taonga, Gia Adams and Alexxis Falcon. These women are no doubt going to give their all after spending lockdown training and preparing for this moment to prove that they really are the best – but who will come out on top? What will the match entail? This is what I am attempting to answer in this article.

If you have been to any wrestling shows or follow the British independent circuit, you have probably encountered at least one of these women, because they are big names and always pack a punch whenever they are on the card. They have already achieved so much in their careers, making names for themselves in women’s divisions across the country, but are always eager to do more which is why they have come to OPW. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the names though, that’s what I’m here for.

Hailing from Sheffield, this will be Taonga’s first time wrestling in Morecambe but I can guarantee this won’t affect her confidence. She has attitude and doesn’t care if the crowd isn’t behind her, but can back this up in the ring where she has no shortage of effective, athletic moves and tricks up her sleeve. The other girls in this match have to look out for her brutal knee strike which has been known to put away many opponents in the past.

Alternatively, we have Alexxis Falcon who is no stranger to the Morecambe wrestling scene and will be a familiar face for the faithful fans, so this may play to her advantage as I’m sure they will be firmly behind her as she returns to the Carleton. Her technical ability can match anyone so it’s not going to be easy to thwart her momentum going into this match.

Lizzy Evo will certainly try to do this, though. Evo has unreal strength and agility inside the ropes and has captured belts in an array of companies across the country, so don’t underestimate her going into this match. She is incredibly resilient so it’s going to be hard to get her to stay down for long. As a passionate Liverpool fan, hailing from the city, she is never shy about letting everyone know what she thinks about the town she is wrestling in (especially when she performs in Manchester) so it will be interesting to see how the Morecambe fans will react to her.

Finally we have to consider Gia Adams and the dynamic she will bring to this match. She is a hard-hitting presence who will not hold back and is known to be able to flip a match her way at any given moment, and this is going to be a major factor in a four way where just one pin fall ends the match.

All of these women, despite being young and up-and-coming, have bags of experience behind them including matches in other promotions against each other, so knowledge of each other’s move sets will certainly come into play. With wins and defeats over each other, every woman is going to be desperate to prove that she is truly the best and should be the face of the OPW women’s division. Having each won various titles around the country and fought against a huge array of opponents, these women have loads of talent that they are eager to show off to the Morecambe crowd. Tactics are going to have to be considered in a four way match where you don’t need to be involved in the finish to lose so there is no clear advantage for anyone – a sneaky roll up could win the match for any of them, or a quick but vicious strike could end it all.

But who do I think is going to win? Although Adams has the size advantage over her opponents in this match, this won’t be a problem for Evo who has proven she is not easily intimidated and is perfectly capable of suplexing anyone and everyone. But Adams is also not one to back down from a fight no matter how ugly it gets, so these two will certainly be difficult to floor. Taonga has a good chance at potentially jumping in at the last second with her knee strike and ending it, but for me Alexxis Falcon has the advantage because she will be spurred on by the crowd no matter how much damage she will have to endure (and considering the other three women involved, it will certainly be a lot). Endurance is the key to winning multi person matches and I think this is what Alexxis brings to the table – this alongside her agility and speed will make her tough to beat.

Although I think Alexxis has the edge, this is not an easy match to call so you will have to be there to see the action unfold. Although they are all hungry for the first victory in OPW, I doubt that a defeat will hinder any of these women. They will continue to prove themselves throughout their OPW careers and put on a number of spectacular matches which we will be lucky enough to witness at every show, representing the best of what women’s wrestlers are capable of. Make sure you get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!

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