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5 reasons you should be excited about OPW

Odyssey Pro Wrestling has been preparing to set sail for over a year now and finally, with government restrictions being lifted slowly, the time is approaching for us to batten down the hatches and get ready for live shows. With the official show dates soon to be released, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you must buy a ticket for OPW.


1. It’s bringing wrestling back to Morecambe Morecambe has always been a hub of dedicated local wrestling fans who flock to each show religiously. OPW is going to reignite this passion for wrestling in Morecambe with both wrestlers familiar to this crowd and ones who will be debuting alike. There’s something special about a small, local company with a strong, diehard fanbase and this is exactly what OPW is going to bring back to Morecambe. One thing is for certain, the atmosphere is not one you will want to miss being apart of.


2. The roster is stacked At the time of writing this article, there has only been a handful of wrestlers announced for the roster but it is already bursting with incredible talent - I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when everyone is revealed! From local legends such as Craig Kollins marking 10 years wrestling in front of a Morecambe crowd, to brand-new stars to this territory such as RPD, it’s going to be an explosive mix of hungry wrestlers keen to make their names known and capture championships. I have to mention the women’s division too, with some of the biggest stars in the British indy scene forming the roster, including Taonga, Alexxis Falcon and Lizzy Evo having already been announced. On all sides of things, the OPW match cards are going to be stacked from start to finish.


3. Rivalries are already forming Of course, it would mean nothing to have a brilliant roster if there were no feuds to get them fighting. Don’t worry though - despite being in lockdown, some wrestlers are already butting heads and seem to be building up to a match in OPW. If you follow OPW on social media you will know exactly who I am referring to here - Isaiah Quinn and RPD. The two have appeared on Tom Brice’s The Sports Report and have been throwing snide comments at each other non-stop, including RPD calling Quinn “captain delusion” and Quinn retaliating by calling RPD a hypocrite. A war of words means only one thing in the wrestling world; an explosive meeting in the ring. I can’t wait to see who’s going to be able to back up their words when push comes to shove.


4. It will be fun for all the family Having said all of the above, it’s needless to say that OPW is going to be the perfect post-lockdown event for anyone who is looking for an entertaining evening of non-stop action. We are all dying to get out there and watch live wrestling after a year-long draught and there is going to be no better place to be than Morecambe. At the end of the day, what’s better to bring the family back together than watching wrestlers kick the life out of one another? This leads me directly onto my final reason why you should be excited about OPW.


5. The matches are going to be unmissable These wrestlers have been waiting for as long as we have to get back in the ring, so when they do it’s going to be massive. All of their pent-up energy is going to explode in matches that I’m sure will blow us all away with their amazing feats of athleticism, extreme death-defying dives and stiff punches. Lockdown has given many wrestlers a lot of time to work out and improve like never before (Big Guns Joe, more like Absolutely Massive Guns Joe now) so I believe the match quality is going to be unbelievable.


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