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4 Breakout Stars to Look Out for in OPW

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

OPW’s debut show Set Sail is coming to Morecambe on 7th August and not only does it feature well established stars of the British wrestling scene, but we are also going to be treated to being able to see some of the up and coming breakout wrestlers of the independent circuit. This is a chance to get to see brilliant local talent show off their skills as they move up the ranks in the scene, hungry to gain a following and get noticed. Here is my run down of the top breakout stars to look out for when you go to an Odyssey show.


Tu Byt

If you’re lucky enough to have attended KOW shows in Barrow, Tu Byt will be all too familiar to you. He’s devious and unforgiving in the ring, but despite his sometimes sneaky tactics, it’s hard to deny that he is one of the most promising upstarts in the UK wrestling scene today. If you aren’t familiar with the name, make sure to visit OPW’s social media pages and check out his promo video – it will tell you everything you need to know. At just 20 years old, his career is only just beginning but you couldn’t tell from the amount of confidence he has both on the mic and in ring; his ability to make the crowd hate him is quite special, but you can’t help but be invested in his matches. Having started training at 13 and making his professional debut in 2017, Byt has some years of experience behind him but there is certainly an even brighter future ahead. I can’t wait to see what he achieves in OPW as the Rat King with Jennifer by his side; a new attitude and look may be what he needs to catapult him to the mainstream of British wrestling. His opponents need to watch out for his new finisher, the Rat Trap, which is a brutal sleeper hold sure to put even the biggest and baddest to their knees.


Lucas Neon

This is another name that KOW fans will know and another one of their home-grown academy stars, training since he was just 11 and also debuting in 2017. In this way we can sense a mirroring between Neon and Byt; young, local, and hungry for more opportunities to shine. This cumulated in their KOW feud and their epic battle in 2019 at Aftershock. It was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the KOW Showcase championship and it earned the top spot on my KOW Top 10 matches of the year list. Neon fought tooth and nail as the underdog to come out on top in this back and forth, intense encounter. I am certain he will bring this same never-say-die attitude to OPW and we will be treated to more matches of this calibre. Neon’s creativity shines in all of his bouts – you can tell just how hard he trains because at such a young age his matches are as smooth, unique and entertaining as it gets. I can’t wait to see if Neon can capture more championships here and make a jumpstart to the promising career he has ahead of him.


Will Carter

There seems to be a pattern forming here – young KOW stars branching out to OPW to make names for themselves. Will Carter is also in this golden generation of KOW home-grown stars who trained when they were pre-teens and debuted in 2017, marking a huge shift in the KOW roster who will certainly go on to do the same in OPW. In fact, their debut match was against each other so it is almost poetic to be able to witness their careers expand in parallel to one another. Carter has also had a brilliant feud with Byt which is why I’m so excited to see these three wrestlers in a new environment – who knows what could happen when there are new belts on the line in front of a new crowd? One thing I know for certain is that we will see more showstoppers from Carter no matter who he is facing, because he is never afraid to take to the air or put his own body on the line. His chemistry with his tag team partner Nightmare is tangible in the ring; the pair are the current KOW Tag Team Champions and watching their matches it’s clear to see why. But what you really need to look out for with these two is their promos – they’re as bizarre as their matches are brutal and they ooze charisma. They bring a supernatural eeriness to OPW which any tag teams who dare get in their way better watch out for, and with Isaiah Quinn now in tow, I dread to think what they are capable of. Well, one things for certain – brilliant matches are on the horizon.



Taonga has wrestled all over the North West and is one of the brightest stars of the British wrestling scene, so it’s hard to believe that she only made her debut 5 years ago. As she has already shown, she is capable of wrestling any opponent and impressing crowds of any size anywhere in the country and I’m sure the Morecambe crowd will get behind her as well. It’s difficult not to when she gets in the ring and shows off her fast-paced athleticism which will be given a chance to shine in the fatal four way match she finds herself in at Set Sail, against Lizzy Evo, Alexxis Falcon and Gia Adams. This battle is going to be chaotic and is it certainly Taonga’s chance to prove herself, so I can’t wait to see what she pulls out of the bag - the other girls need to watch out for that knee which dishes out brutal strikes. I can definitely see many championships in this young stars future so make sure you make the most of her appearing in Morecambe and buy your ticket today.

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